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About Us

The strange but (mostly) true story of


Ripper Joe has been living on Maui since 1979.

Joe surfed local Maui breaks, as well as Indo reefs.

On Surf Safari into Indo, Joe crossed paths with some surf industry folk, and inquired about a hook up for getting custom surf trunks made for some ‘Maui Rippers’ back home.

The Indo connection made, Joe carted back twenty five pairs of shorts to hand out to some Maui Rippers bros.

A surfer for 40 years, a woodcraftsman for 20 years, and the dream of making shorts for friends for 15 years, Joe's creations had a well-thought-out, kick-ass construction, and a clean look. Balinese seamstresses followed his insights, and the first set of Maui Rippers was born.

With thoughts of Aloha, Joe returned to Maui and gifted his ripper friends with Maui Rippers board shorts. Some bros were also Maui County Lifeguards, who loved the Maui Ripper shorts so much, they suggested Maui County buy lifeguard shorts from Joe, which they did. This turned Joe the woodcraftsman into Joe Maui Rippers.

Maui Rippers board shorts withstood the tests the Maui County Guards put them through. Soon enough the bros on the beach were like: “eh, where can I get dem shorts brah?” And Maui Rippers were available in some of the absolute most primo surf shops on Maui. Maui Rippers were soon found on lifeguards all around the world, from Kauai to New Jersey, Australia to Austria!

Maui Rippers now supplies lifeguards and watermen across the globe with products they can depend on. We also distribute board shorts worldwide to surf shops, watersports stores, boutiques, and other locations. You’ll find us online on Amazon too. We’re huge.

Huge for a mom-and-pop that is! Still run by the Maui Ripper himself, Joe, along with his lovely wife Mary Faustine (accomplished artist, see her work here:  and a handful of other talented people, we all make it work, from our headquarters in Ha’iku Maui.


Keep Ripping! Mahalo And Aloha!




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