Trunk Testing | Los Barriles, Mexico

Trunk Testing | Los Barriles, Mexico

16th Jun 2022

Boardshort testing certainly has its perks. Especially when you get to live in them for a week down in a remote Mexican fishing village. After a quick flight from LAX to Cabo San Lucas, and an hour long car ride to the southeast tip of Baja California Sur, we arrived at our destination: Los Barriles. This remote coastal town is internationally knowfor its choice surf, sun and fishing, and was our backdrop for a week of trunk testing.

Empty windswept beaches make it an idea place for kiteboarders and windsurfers from around the world to get some serious air. From morning till night the clear blue sky was filled with colorful ballooning parachutes that whipped around over the water. It’s a sunny laid-back fishing town, but it's also packed with adventure for anyone who's looking, and plenty of different conditions to pull out some Maui Rippers.

In Los Barriles, sportfishing is the name of the game. Though April through October is the prime time to go, the bountiful Sea of Cortez is host to a variety of fish that allures amateurs and experienced anglers all year long. Just past the shore break, you'll find steep drops and a unique undersea canyon, which draw in the right amount of prey to make this area the preferred spot of our favorite game fish. Tuna, Marlin, Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Wahoo, Sailfish, and Roosterfish are just a few of the most popular species that inhabit the area. Hungry for the chase (and some fresh seafood!), hired a local charter boat to take us around and put our fishing shorts through their paces.

Out of the water, the best way to explore the flat dry coastline is by ATV, and the locals know it. With the sun in our faces and the salty wind in our hair, we packed up our towels and flip flops and picked our favorites from a fleet of rides to convey us from deserted beaches straight into a lush desert oasis. On the way we discovered several killer hidden spots and an epic empty waterfall, which made for some great photo ops. 

All in all, Los Barriles is a hidden gem of a town and we can't wait to come back.

Los Barriles had us doing flips.