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Trunk Testing | Los Barriles, Mexico

Trunk Testing | Los Barriles, Mexico

15th Jun 2021

Boardshort testing has its perks. Especially when you get to live in them for a week down in a remote Mexican fishing village. After a flight to Cabo and an hour car ride to the southeast tip of Baja California Sur, we arrived at Los Barriles.

Empty windswept beaches make it a perfect spot for kiteboarders and windsurfers from around the world. It’s a sunny laid-back fishing town, but there’s still an adventure for anyone and plenty of different conditions to test out some boardshorts.

If you’re in Los Barriles you’re probably there for the fishing. Especially the sport fishing in the Sea of Cortez. We hired a charter boat and put our fishing shorts through their paces.

The best way to explore the remote coastline is by ATV. We went from deserted beaches straight into a desert oasis with an epic empty waterfall.

Between the boats, ATV’s, and lounge chairs it was a week well spent in nothing but Maui Rippers.

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